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Investing in the stock market is one of the most common and accessible ways to becoming rich.

Yet the halal-conscious investor may find screening for halal stocks intimidating and as a result limit themselves to very few options or abstain from investing in stocks altogether.

We Made This Course for You!

Regardless of your background or financial literacy, you can learn how to screen for halal stocks.

In fact, screening for halal stocks can be easy once you know what you’re looking for.

Invest with Confidence

This course gives students a deep understanding of the different considerations they need to account for, and why these considerations are important when screening stocks for sharia compliance

After taking this class you’ll be able to confidently analyze any company and reach a well-informed conclusion on whether or not you are comfortable investing in the company's stock from a halal perspective.

Learn from the best

Rakaan Kayali, CFA is one of the most prominent voices in Islamic Finance and has been studying the topics of Islamic finance and Investing for more than a decade.

His works have been cited in numerous well-known publications and he pioneered the qualitative assessment of companies when screening for halal stocks.

Known for his common sense approach to halal investing and Islamic finance, Rakaan has distilled his more than a decade-long experience screening hundreds of companies in this course.

Course Release Schedule

Section 1 of this course has been released and includes:

A deeper understanding of "Halal"
What are stocks exactly?
Why do companies care about their stock price?
When are stocks haram?
The 3 common corruptors of business activity in Islam

Section 2: Screening Steps
Time of Release: August 13th, 2022

Objective screening limits
What is a balance sheet?
What is an income statement?
Analyzing a company's revenue
Analyzing a company's use of interest
Subjective screening limits
Reaching a conclusion

Section 3: Practical Exercises
Time of Release: August 14th, 2022

Figuring out Tesla's Halal Rating
Figuring out Amazon's Halal Rating
Figuring out Intel's Halal Rating

Course Summary
Live Q&A

The first 50 students to sign up will be invited to the Live Q&A session with Rakaan Kayali on August 14th where Rakaan will answer your questions about the course material.

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Only first 50 students will be invited to Live Q&A